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Annabelle Mitzman has no ordinary day job – she is a psychic, specialising in Tarot. Working with the good and the great, the ordinary to the extraordinary, as a Tarot reader she leads an incredibly colourful life and has helped many of her loyal following find their right path. She’s positive, vivacious and fun-loving, and together with her ‘gift’, these attributes have enriched the lives of those around her and guided her through some tricky times. No stranger to the finer things in life, Annabelle has lived and travelled extensively, and is a veritable ‘bon vivant’.


The Interview:

1. Who is your style icon?

I am not sure I have one style icon. I have always found strong independent stylish women like Lauren Bacall seemingly effortlessly, glamorous. Diane Von Furstenberg also epitomises this, in everything she wears and creates.


2. How did you get involved in Tarot Card reading?

I was a student at St. Martins Art School and came across Tarot cards when browsing in Hatchards Book Shop in Piccadilly. There were only 2 decks, Rider Waite and Aleister Crowley. I bought the ‘good girl’ Rider Waite and my friend bought the Crowley, she was an art student, but also a 70’s ‘rock chick’. We are still friends and after 20 years, she asked if I thought it time for her to buy the Rider Waite deck!


Whilst studying Literature and History, I was fascinated by the history, symbols and stories behind the cards. Jung, whose work identified and researched human psyche, studied the sixteen court cards. These archetypes underpin much of his analytical psychology.


I started reading for friends, and then suddenly 40 years later I was an international ‘Tarot reader’. People often ask me ‘what is my purpose in life?’ I think if you do what you love and take one step at a time, according to your integrity, in the future, looking back you will feel fulfilled. Often our purpose gently taps us on the shoulder.


3. Do you have a work wardrobe? Which designers do you wear?

I love clothes and was quite a fashionista in my youth. My work wardrobe is very anonymous and often my gym wear, since I have to fit in two hours of exercise a day (Tarot reading is very sedentary). However, I have a lot of glamorous clients in the world of fashion, media and art and they often see my other dressed side at openings and parties. I enjoy changing (my husband complains I change 3 times a day) and dressing for whatever the occasion. Favourite designers are Diane Von Furstenberg, Marni, Miu Miu, Erdem, Celine and Anna Valentine makes beautiful clothes. For very special occasions, Chanel is fabulous and I love Jenny Packham’s evening gowns.


4. What has been the most rewarding aspect of your work?

Connecting with so many different, wonderful people. It’s easy to look at other people’s lives and assume the ‘grass is greener’. I have learnt to never make assumptions, wealth does not bring happiness, but to feel valued in whatever you do is essential. I enjoy reading for everyone and all questions big or small are of value and can be addressed by the cards.


5. What is a typical dinner party reaction to your area of expertise?

Have you got your cards with you? They often give me their hand to read, I explain Tarot is my particular speciality and I won’t attempt palms. Away from my Tarot table I tend to ‘close the blind,’ I don’t like to look uninvited into people’s lives.


However, being psychic can sometimes have its problems and occasionally I have had an almost uncontrollable urge to say things. This usually leads to astonishment, which I prefer to keep to a minimum. My style of reading is very much about self-discovery and looking specifically at what the individual wishes to address.


6. Where are your 3 favourite travel destinations and why?

Having travelled extensively throughout the world it is hard to choose only 3.


I love Italy; it’s a romantic, generous and incredibly beautiful country, with outstanding architecture and delicious food and wine. The Amalfi coast, especially Capri is heaven on earth.


California is also very special, again for natural beauty, ease of living and a lovely climate. I have very special friends and family in Los Angeles, so part of my heart is there. I also love La Jolla for it’s beautiful beach and coves. Driving Highway 1 through the Big Sur and Carmel is a must. I also like Ojai, for its natural hot springs - it was an Indian valley of healing. The Casitas Pass road to Santa Barbara is especially beautiful.


Japan is extraordinary and so different. Aesthetically, it is wonderful to be surrounded by the best design, nothing superfluous. I love the concept of Ma, the gap or space between structures, to me like a pause in music or time to think. In life, it’s good to appreciate the empty space or calm mind. Give me a bullet train pass (the best value for tourists) and I will go thousands of miles. I particularly love the ‘art islands’ of Naoshima and Teshima. Don’t miss Kyoto’s Philosopher’s Path, which follows a cherry tree-lined canal, passing many temples, shrines and happy monks, it’s a very spiritual place.


7. Which famous person – past or present would you have liked to have had as a client?

I think Cleopatra would have been fascinating; she is always depicted with such passion, I am sure she would have picked The Devil and High Priestess.


Leonardo da Vinci was a King of Wands, creative thinker and Renaissance man, I would love a deck designed by him.


John Lennon would have been a very interesting client. The Death card often frightens people. We have one Death as in fatality, but many chapters that end. I think he would pull The Tower, Death and 10 of Swords a tragic ending for a great man.


I have an amazing clientele, including many celebrities, but on the tarot table all things are equal. Interestingly some people always average at least double Major Arcana cards and their lives are the high drama you read about. I do find it interesting to predict revolutions, as well as day to day work and relationships.


8. Tarot Card Reading is a magical mystic art – do you feel you have to project a certain image?

Not at all, I used to read at a lot of corporate parties and some events organisers would ask for a ‘fortune teller’ type outfit. I had an embellished Antik Batik top which was a compromise, but otherwise I prefer to let the cards show themselves.


9. How does your profession influence your life choices?

For important decisions, I use the cards. My husband and I drew cards together on our first date, to see if we would work as a couple. We pulled ‘High Priestess’ (wisdom and intuition) for me, ‘3 of Pentacles’ for him, often called the card of the architect (he is an architect) and the ‘4 of Wands’ connecting us, the sum total of the two, halves being stronger together than apart. Perfect.


10. Do you have a motto you live by?

Try to do your best, forgive yourself, especially when it’s hard to forgive others and let go of the need to control. Positive transformation is always possible, when we shed negative beliefs.




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88 (86-90)

92 (90-94)

96 (94-98)


64 (62-66)

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76 (74-78)

HIP cms

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94 (92-96)

98 (96-100)

102 (100-104)


BUST: Measure around the fullest part of your chest

WAIST: Measure around the narrowest part of your waistline

HIP: Measure at the fullest part of your hips

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