April 26, 2017



I love to travel. For work or pleasure, it’s always a thrill. I try to make the most out of every trip and food plays an essential part in how enjoyable each little jaunt is. I love eating out and trying new food, I love street food and I love food markets – it’s always a mix wherever we go.


But I truly love the ritual of fine dining and tasting menus – at home or abroad. It’s a luxury I like to indulge in. I think it is exceptional how teams come together and create these incredible works of art, bursting in flavour, in such a precise and perfect manner. I think it’s the sophistication, care and attention to detail that I appreciate, and that element of surprise that I find just so entertaining. And I love when I can see into the kitchen, the artistic craftsmanship in full flight.


My trip to Copenhagen was food focused. We went to dine at Geranium, the only 3 Michelin star restaurant in Denmark, and worthy of more. A truly memorable dining experience.


We were seated at the chef’s table, with views all round us. The chefs worked away happily, while the anticipation built amongst the guests, who were busy ‘people watching’. Everything is curated and tastefully orchestrated in what appears to be effortless, from the moment you enter. Then the theatre begins.


A welcoming aperitif by way of a Gin & Tonic turns into a masterful ceremony, you’d wish to repeat time and time again. A wonderful meal follows, superb concoctions of vegetables and fish all come together in exciting little vignettes, again-and-again, with the most incredible tastes exploding in your mouth. Each dish is presented by the chef that prepared it and they explain with real pride the divine morsels you are about to enjoy.


Tasting Menu at Geranium 3 Michelin stars Copenhagen City Break

I didn’t want it to end. No detail is overlooked – even the tableware makes you smile. And I thought Noma could not be bettered.


My other highlight:

The Aquarium – Deb Blå Planet - a state of the art space with a vast collection of exotic sea life. I went along to see the stingray, but the other sea life don’t disappoint. There were incredible filigree like seahorses, giant octopus and the most beautiful colourful little fish from the Great Barrier Reef. Undoubtedly the best aquarium I’ve visited, and the restaurant is excellent too.


Other reasons to visit:

  • Interior shopping is seductive – there are incredible stores show casing must-have chairs and specialist lighting shops everywhere. 
  • Design museums and inspirational gems like Finn Juhl’s house
  • The city is relaxed and has a vibrant café and bar culture, with lots of al fresco dining spaces (heated), where you can watch the world go by and soak up the atmospheres, and some of that fresh air.
  • Beyond the fine dining, food is interesting and different. It will delight and surprise you. The humble potato is taken to new heights, combined with wonderful flavours, and seafood is the centre of attention.
  • Organic and biodynamic produce are more the norm than the exception and they really come into their own in the selection of wines and juices on offer.


Other great places to eat:

  • Manfreds – a great spot for lunch or dinner. Rustic and unadorned, the emphasis here is on the food which is inventive, unpretentious and delicious. A wonderful place for vegetarians. The staff are very engaged in the process and promote a wonderfully relaxed informal feel. There is a superb offering of biodynamic wines and ciders, a place to lose yourself for a few hours.
  • Nebbiolo – a wonderfully warm and cosy Italian wine bar just steps away from the tourist heavy Nyhavn. There isn’t a menu, wines are prescribed according to your tastes, by the informal sommelier. Delightful little plates of antipasti will keep you coming back for more.
  • Madklubben - there are a few across the city and the food here is authentic and seasonal, with unusual combinations.
  • Atelier September – a quirky design store with a cafe out front, it is bijoux to say the least and very busy for breakfast and lunch. There are limited number of seats and no real queueing system so be prepared. The coffee is good but the open avocado sandwich is what people come for – delicately made and rich in taste, it’s a feast for the senses.
  • Café Oscar – a nice place for an aperitif or a bite to eat, with outdoor space when you’re trundling back from the Tivoli Gardens. A super relaxed feeling and good menu.

Look out for:

  • The weather – it’s chilly. It is an exposed Nordic city, the sea is omnipresent – wear layers. When it rains it really rains, and everybody comes prepared with an umbrella.
  • Bicycles – the cycle paths are larger than the footpaths and they are super-busy, be careful not to stumble onto them.
  • Taxis – the transport system is super-efficient, in particular the journey in from the airport, the metro takes just 15mins.


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